Self Parking at The May Fair Hotel

The May Fair Hotel is pleased to introduce a Self Parking option and delighted to offer staying guests a discounted NCP 24 Hour Price of £30. The self parking price is available when guests self park and collect their car at the local NCP Car Park located on Carrington Street.

On arrival:

  • Guests must park at the local NCP Car Park located at Carrington Street.
  • Driving instructions to the Carrington Street NCP please visit for further details.
  • Should you require assistance with your luggage, arrive outside the hotel before parking and remain in your vehicle where the Doorman will assist with your luggage.
  • Please be advised that the hotel is situated in a ticketed area patrolled by Westminster Council and the hotel is not liable for any ticket you may incur whilst waiting for a Doorman.
  • If you do not require assistance with your luggage you can park your car directly at the NCP on Carrington Street.
  • Walking distance from the NCP on Carrington Street to the hotel is approximately 10 minutes.
  • On entry to the Car Park please retain the parking ticket issued.
  • Once you have checked into the hotel please ask the Concierge for a Self-Parking ticket, which allows the discounted rate to be calculated when you retrieve your car on departure from the NCP Car Park.


On departure:

  • Insert your ticket issued on entry to the car park into the pay machine.
  • Immediately after,  insert the  Self - Parking Ticket where your discount will be applied.
  • Pay as normal and collect your car. 


Please note, the hotel management does not accept liability for loss and/or damage to the car or contents.