Valet Parking Services at The May Fair Hotel

Take the easy option and choose The May Fair Hotel valet parking service.
Please note valet parking is subject to availability of car jockeys and cannot be pre booked in advance of your arrival at the hotel. 

On arrival

Valet parking is available between the hours of  7am and 10pm, Monday-Sunday subject to availability.
Arrive outside the hotel and remain in your car where a car jockey will assist you.  Please be advised that the hotel is situated in a ticketed area patrolled by Westminster Council and the hotel is not liable for any ticket you may incur whilst waiting for a car jockey. 
Please do not check in until you have completed the necessary documentation and you have safely handed over your keys to the car jockey.

On departure

Please advise concierge at least 1 hour before you wish to leave.  Please note car retrieval is subject to availability of car jockeys. During peak times, particularly at weekends car jockeys will commence moving guest cars to Stratton Street from early in the morning and this could be before your expected car retrieval time.


The charge for valet parking is £55.00 for 24 hours.

Following your request for a member of staff to park your car, we confirm that we shall be pleased to provide the service for you subject to the car and contents being driven and parked at your own risk.  The hotel management does not accept liability for loss and/or damage to the car and its content whilst being parked and parked at the car park itself.